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donating cars to charities

Why donating cars to charities makes you feel happy
Why donating cars to charities makes you feel happy

donating cars to charities makes you feel happy

donating cars to charities If God gave you money and made you from rich and enjoy all the luxuries of life and happiness, God has given you the opportunity to serve others from the poor and needy people and community service, you just need to donate things that do not need and you have no interest, but useful to others because they can be in your opinion don't mean anything, but when others are In the most critical need in terms of cash, where the rich donate donating cars to charities that do not need old cars, but to others may make them in the highest happiness, which draws a smile on the face of others even if it was an old car.
Why donating cars to charities and what benefits will you get?

1 - In the case of donating cars to charities will help others in need and the poor and thus may have worked good and set an example in the community

2. Donate things makes you feel happy to help others like donating cars to charities

3-   Admire learn  le your colleagues and neighbors when you  donating cars to charities and donate anything you do not need it

4. You will be a teacher for all other wealthy people who are not willing to spend a penny on charity

5 - make the most of the tax deduction, which is equivalent to the value of the donating cars to charities
What are the things that I must take before donating cars to charities

1 - Search for the best charity to be reputable and efficient

2- The donated car must not have any legal violations and donating cars to charitable societies is qualified and official with papers of government departments.

3. Keep the vehicle sales papers and fill the IRS department

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