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auto donations for charity

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auto donations for charity
Charity auto Donations - What You Need to Know?

 auto donations you should See all ads that ask you to donate your used car to charity. What everyone may not know is details of why and how the process works. Most charities accept auto donations because they help fund their programs and services.

What actually happens to the donated car depends on its physical condition?

Most charities accept a car in any situation. After all, beggars cannot be chosen. However, they all prefer to receive used cars that are in good condition and in good working condition. A donated car that is not operated for spare parts or scrap is usually sold, eventually bringing less money from the functional car. The donated car is usually sold in decent condition by advertisement or auctioned with other vehicles received by a charity. Occasionally, the charity will keep a donated car for its own use but only if there is a real need.
With so many charities nowadays, how can one choose the right recipient to donate the vehicle? Well, one of the most important things to consider is how to use your donation.

Will the money be used to sell your car locally or outside your community?

What programs and services do the charity benefit from your auto donations?

Many charities allow you to determine where and how to use your auto donations. So, if you want to use your donation to help the homeless in your area, you can specify it and the charity will fulfill your wishes. Keep this in mind when choosing whom to donate.

Another factor to consider is the efficiency rating of the charity organization. A reputed charity will receive an 80% or better efficiency rating. This means that 80 cents of every dollar you donate will go directly to help those in need. The rest will go to cover the administrative costs incurred by the charity while doing business. A rating of less than 80% usually means that the charity is poorly managed or may not be very legitimate. An easy way to objectively compare charities is to check their ratings through Forbes and Better Business Bureau. Forbes maintains a comparative list of the top 250 charities and comprehensive financial details of each. Better Business Bureau evaluates and ranks charities through the Wise Giving Alliance. You can be sure that the charity is worth giving if it is ranked high by both Forbes and BBB.
Now, you might wonder why people donate their charity cars in the first place. After talking to many representatives of the largest charities in North America, the answer was not surprising. Apart from avoiding headaches in selling a private car, the primary motivation for donating charitable vehicles is a tax write-off. All lines are busy Until recently, the IRS allowed a detailed discount on the value of the Blue Book for your vehicle, even if the market value of your car is much lower. However, it was only a matter of time before our government closed this loophole in our tax laws.

In 2005, new legislation was passed allowing you to deduct only the actual amount a charity sells to your car. Thanks to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley for this vehicle donation inhibitor. Since the passage of this legislation, vehicle donations to all charities have decreased by 30-50%. This greatly reduced the ability of most charities to provide important services and programs to people in need. Lack of funds received means helping fewer people, easy and simple. Way to go Senator Grassley!

Don't be discouraged by new legislation even though most charities do a good job of getting the fair market value of your car. This means that you will still receive a tax deduction greater than the commercial value of your vehicle. Your used car can improve the lives of many less fortunate people; if you're thinking about donating, What are you waiting for  to

 auto donations?

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